Monday, March 14, 2011

We got a....

.... DOG! We are shocked at ourselves! We are happy! We are out of our minds!

He is a Shih Tzu. He is 11 weeks old.
He has puppy breath! He cuddles! 
He weighs 5 pounds! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hi.... How have you all been enjoying my blog? : )

Hee hee! I am so funny, i know! All 2 of you that read it have been sitting with bated breath wondering what in the world the Cave family is doing. Well, you have to wait no longer! I think I will do bullet points to "catch up". And by "catch up" i mean throw out some things that come to mind... I am sure i will never be caught up.

* After the Influenza infested Christmas, everyone has remained healthy with the exception of a random and expected cold here and there.

* In January I celebrated MY BIRTHDAY! I do love a good birthday celebration! ALL of my family made it special but Tatum went the extra mile! He happened to be out of school that day and went to pre-k with me. I had no idea that he and Emma (other teacher in my room) had been planning all week! I would love to say that i have pictures but I can't find them right now. Just know that he and Emma did GREAT! I felt very loved!

* Tatum has been trying out for the PCS tennis team in February. Every Monday and Wednesday after school, a large group of kids worked out and practiced. HE MADE IT! (ok, so everyone did but we are still very proud of him).  The first meet is Thursday the 24th in Rankin County. He probably won't have the chance to play much and he understands that. He also understands that if he sticks with the team, he will be slamming that ball in a few years!

* I am tankful to be able to report that Campbell has not broken a bone in the past few months! He has broken his glasses but God has taken care of his bones! Thank You Lord!

* The Lord has blessed C Studio (Lee's business) beyond out wildest dreams! He is so busy! And his talent is CRAZY! Thank You Lord!

* We are facing Spring Break and looking forward to playing and relaxing and playing some more!

Happy Spring Y'All!