Friday, November 12, 2010

FLASHBACK: Great Garage Sale 2010

"Let's have a garage sale!" Says a friend that lives in a neighborhood that doesn't allow sales. That means, "Can we have a sale at your house?" 

UGH! HA! Really, i don't mind. I give this friend a really hard time about it but it is usually fun when we get all of our junk together and try to gain a few dollars! 

We tried for a LONG time to find a weekend to gather all of our former treasures and let them become other people's treasures but finding a weekend proved to be difficult. That made me secretly happy because it really is a tough job. My friend, and my Mom, now in on the gig, persevered and we came up with a plan. 

We have a friend that has access to a community house that the public is allowed to hold garage sales in for a small fee. That sounded like a great plan since it had heat/air and no one had to clean their garage in order to have a sale. 

The date was picked, the building booked! Let the pricing begin! 

All in all, there were four families represented and we had A LOT OF JUNK! Junk that once meant so much to us yet now we just wanted to get a quarter for it. WOW! We could not believe how much we had! Just look!

This is just a fraction of the stuff!

Papaw helped! How great is it that we had a "Mother of the Bride dress" and dyed to match shoes!

Look at those cute princess bedding things! (i have boys, i don't know what they are called)

We had an organ that my parents found for the boys for FREE! And we sold it for $25! Crazy, i know!

We had SO much fun! But the BEST part of the weekend was when we were done and packing up and a family came in to look. They needed stuff. They had several children that needed stuff. So, we gave them LOTS of stuff. To see the look on their faces when we told them that it was FREE was PRICELESS! The Mom couldn't believe it! She didn't speak English but told the daughter to tell us that they would not take what they didn't need but they needed lots. 
This sweet little one had several things that she was carrying around . The smile on her face was  BEAUTIFUL!
(Not sure why i didn't get that smile but you can see how cute she is)

It was a good weekend. We had lots of laughs and left with aches and pains but we felt lighter and were blessed by the sweet family that ended that weekend! 

SHEW! I hope it is a long time before the next one! ; )

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall is such a fun, busy time!

I am failing at this blog thing! I want to do it but when I sit down to blog, I either get out of the mood or something else needs to be done that is just a bit more important. So, the ole blog is suffering!

I still haven't blogged about our HUGE garage sale but I will because we had fun and I want to document those memories.

But THIS is more important right now....

Tatum is involved in a play at his school, PCS! The Ransom of Miss Alverna Dower. He plays the part of Mr. Lockman and does a GREAT job. I MGIHT be a little biased.

They have done one performance already and has another on tonight. Lee will take more pictures tonight and I will probably add those to this post.

Everyone involved has done a great job and Tatum has just LOVED being involved. I am thnakful that he has so many opportunities to get involved and experience lots of different activities.

Isn't Mr. Lockman so cute.... ummmm.... handsome?!