Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall is such a fun, busy time!

I am failing at this blog thing! I want to do it but when I sit down to blog, I either get out of the mood or something else needs to be done that is just a bit more important. So, the ole blog is suffering!

I still haven't blogged about our HUGE garage sale but I will because we had fun and I want to document those memories.

But THIS is more important right now....

Tatum is involved in a play at his school, PCS! The Ransom of Miss Alverna Dower. He plays the part of Mr. Lockman and does a GREAT job. I MGIHT be a little biased.

They have done one performance already and has another on tonight. Lee will take more pictures tonight and I will probably add those to this post.

Everyone involved has done a great job and Tatum has just LOVED being involved. I am thnakful that he has so many opportunities to get involved and experience lots of different activities.

Isn't Mr. Lockman so cute.... ummmm.... handsome?!

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