Monday, September 27, 2010

*FLASH BACK* Summer 2010 ~ Crazy Campbell

Campbell and Tatum had some friends over one afternoon. they decided to play hide and seek.  Campbell quickly ran to the dryer. I had to snap a picture and this is probably one of my most favorite pictures of Campbell! It makes me laugh every time I see it!

I hope you enjoy it too!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

PCS Homecoming week..... is DONE!

Wow! What a week! PCS homecoming week was fun but we are glad that it is over! Or I am glad that it is over! 

Everyday was FUN! Each day the kids had an option to dress up. Tatum's main focus was what he was going to wear! Again, fun times but keeping a teen boy  on school work task was TOUGH! 

I didn't get a picture this day. Tatum wore a USM jersey.  

Tuesday: NERD/PREP day!


Thursday: CHARACTER day!

Friday: SPIRIT day!
I missed this picture, as well. Tatum was in all blue and painted his face! 

We enjoyed the Homecoming parade on Wednesday and The pep rally on Friday! Lee was out at the school every day taking pictures for the school. Lee said that the school was like a stirred up ant bed. I remember the excitement in my high school days! 

On top of all of this fun, the class/homework still existed. It was TOUGH to get my teen boy to focus on working amidst the fun. 

Friday night was, of course, the big game. 
Lee took lots of pictures!

We saw lots of sweet friends! 
Here is another sweet and cute friend! 
Lee took lots more pictures!
We saw lots of "old" friends!
The Cheerleaders had to do lots of push-ups. PCS won 42-0.
Lee and Tatum and some more of Lee's helpers captured Homecoming half time .
And, here is my good looking 7th grader!

All in all, it was a fun, busy week! But now we are getting ready to settle into a calm week..... we hope! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

*FLASHBACK* Dress Up Fun!

Years ago, Darcie gave Tatum a box of dress up clothes. We have added to those dress up clothes over the years. In turn we have lots! It has been fun watching the boys (& friends) dress up as ALL SORTS of characters. At age 10, Campbell still enjoys dressing up... but in wacky, wild styles now!

Case in point:
Slash meets nerd?!
(i love nerds! don't hate.)
If i remember correctly, there was some serious "jamming" going on! 
   Sadly, i see that the dress up times are fewer and further between.  I hope that we can squeeze a few more dress up days in before they are replaced with dressing up to go "out"! 

Did I just say that, seriously? 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blessed to be a part of this adventure!

We have a friend, from college that we just love. Her name is Melissa. Melissa made a HUGE decision 3+ years ago. She decided to adopt a little girl from China. Melissa is not married and decided that she wanted to have a child.... she prayed about it and acted on it after God confirmed to her that YES, indeed, this is what I want you to do! 

It was a LONG 3+ years. I felt it so I KNOW she felt every minute of it. 

Well, the wait is over and Addison has been home with Melissa for 1 week. As I typed that sentence, a lump formed in my throat. A lump that I seem to get every time I really think about how God carried Melissa through this adventure. As Melissa shared details over the years while walking through the grueling process, the Lord was so apparent in each step. He was in the small details and big details. He was just there! 

Melissa has a blog HERE. This is the blog that she used while they traveled. Myself and LOTS of other people clicked on every morning just craving some info from a world away!  

On to the here and now..... the boys and I went to Melissa & Addison's house today! Oh, yeah, I am in love! Addison is, of course, having to learn a lot of trust. Melissa needs to be her main caregiver so the bond can grow deeper and deeper. So, I did not reach out and grab Addison, or really even asked Addison to come to me. It was TOUGH but I know it is really important. Addison did sort of come to me and sit on my lap for about 10 seconds and I. LOVED. IT. 

She did however, LOVE Tatum.  I think that he loved it just as much as she did! 

We were able to be at the airport when they arrived home last week and it was great. But today was WONDERFUL! We are looking forward to LOTS of time with Addison. I told Melissa that I am so blessed to be a part of Addison's life. I pray that we can build a strong relationship! 
Really, how could you not fall in love immediately?
She was being so silly! 
Look how precious!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I am going to blog! AGAIN!

Ok, ok, i am going to try! 

I really began to blog a few years ago be able to remember, well... our memories. I had tried to scrapbook and failed, MISERABLY! I am on the computer a lot so I began to blog. 

Then life got CRAZY! And I fell off of the blog wagon. 

I am going to try it again! I want to have our memories written out somewhere and the computer just makes the most sense to me! 

So, welcome to "Those Crazy Cave Kids" blog! Let's see what happens!