Monday, December 27, 2010

We had an extra visitor for Christmas...

... the FLU!

He was not welcome but forced himself in anyway! He jumped on both boys and is still hanging around. Tomorrow we are hoping he goes away for good!

Despite our un-welcomed visitor we had a fun time together as a family.

I hope everyone else has had a great time with family and friends.

Maybe 2011 will be a better blog year for me!

Friday, November 12, 2010

FLASHBACK: Great Garage Sale 2010

"Let's have a garage sale!" Says a friend that lives in a neighborhood that doesn't allow sales. That means, "Can we have a sale at your house?" 

UGH! HA! Really, i don't mind. I give this friend a really hard time about it but it is usually fun when we get all of our junk together and try to gain a few dollars! 

We tried for a LONG time to find a weekend to gather all of our former treasures and let them become other people's treasures but finding a weekend proved to be difficult. That made me secretly happy because it really is a tough job. My friend, and my Mom, now in on the gig, persevered and we came up with a plan. 

We have a friend that has access to a community house that the public is allowed to hold garage sales in for a small fee. That sounded like a great plan since it had heat/air and no one had to clean their garage in order to have a sale. 

The date was picked, the building booked! Let the pricing begin! 

All in all, there were four families represented and we had A LOT OF JUNK! Junk that once meant so much to us yet now we just wanted to get a quarter for it. WOW! We could not believe how much we had! Just look!

This is just a fraction of the stuff!

Papaw helped! How great is it that we had a "Mother of the Bride dress" and dyed to match shoes!

Look at those cute princess bedding things! (i have boys, i don't know what they are called)

We had an organ that my parents found for the boys for FREE! And we sold it for $25! Crazy, i know!

We had SO much fun! But the BEST part of the weekend was when we were done and packing up and a family came in to look. They needed stuff. They had several children that needed stuff. So, we gave them LOTS of stuff. To see the look on their faces when we told them that it was FREE was PRICELESS! The Mom couldn't believe it! She didn't speak English but told the daughter to tell us that they would not take what they didn't need but they needed lots. 
This sweet little one had several things that she was carrying around . The smile on her face was  BEAUTIFUL!
(Not sure why i didn't get that smile but you can see how cute she is)

It was a good weekend. We had lots of laughs and left with aches and pains but we felt lighter and were blessed by the sweet family that ended that weekend! 

SHEW! I hope it is a long time before the next one! ; )

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall is such a fun, busy time!

I am failing at this blog thing! I want to do it but when I sit down to blog, I either get out of the mood or something else needs to be done that is just a bit more important. So, the ole blog is suffering!

I still haven't blogged about our HUGE garage sale but I will because we had fun and I want to document those memories.

But THIS is more important right now....

Tatum is involved in a play at his school, PCS! The Ransom of Miss Alverna Dower. He plays the part of Mr. Lockman and does a GREAT job. I MGIHT be a little biased.

They have done one performance already and has another on tonight. Lee will take more pictures tonight and I will probably add those to this post.

Everyone involved has done a great job and Tatum has just LOVED being involved. I am thnakful that he has so many opportunities to get involved and experience lots of different activities.

Isn't Mr. Lockman so cute.... ummmm.... handsome?!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wow O Wow!

That title says it all when thinking over the past few weeks! WOW O WOW! So busy, amazing, tiring, fulfilling.....! 

Several months ago a friend, from church, asked if I knew anyone that could cater her wedding lots cheaper than all of the caterers were quoting.  I told her a name and in talking,  several of us decided together that we would cook up a storm and fix the food for her reception. When we were discussing it, October 8th sounded Soooo far away! 

In no time, that week was upon us! By that week we had talked and scratched and added and created and discovered and laughed and cried! Our fearless leader had a sick, really sick, child and had to focus on him so we were down one person.... one very important person! But we moved forward with this former leader praying for us all of the way! 

We had THE BEST TIME at the store(s) getting all of the ingredients! The skill level of math present in this group of friends is just...... something, I tell ya!  I am surprised that our recipes turned out correctly! Kidding! Sort of! 

The next day we cooked! We chopped, counted, measured, mixed, poured, counted again, laughed, counted again. We had so much fun but wow were we tired! 

When we were planning all of this weeks back, I had no idea that my husband would be out of town this very busy weekend. So, that meant shifting kids all over creation. Finally, the day of the wedding arrives.  Kids were arranged and we gathered early in the day to heat, stir, count again, run to the store again and pack all of this food to the venue, across town. I wish I could tell you the stress of moving 10+ pounds of HOT meatballs, 10 recipes of corn dip, 5 hot pork loins, 15+ carafes of coffee..... the list could go on and on and on. But we had WONDERFUL help and lots of vehicles and we did it! 

Once we arrived at the venue, which is actually called The Venue, we unloaded into an unfinished, small kitchen that we were sharing with the florist and her crew.  It was stressful but still fun. 

We arranged, planned, prepped and prayed! When the time came to put out our creations, in which time was very limited, we moved faster than we have in years! SO SO many kind people just showed up in our tiny kitchen and offered their hands to take food to the tables. In 20 minutes the tables were decorated, the coffee was set, the food was out and things looked beautiful! 

SHEW! We continued to replace and refresh food while we visited with wonderful friends! 

The bride and groom were beautiful and the fellowship was blessed! 

Thank You Kelly and Josie for allowing us to be a part of your special day! 

Next up...... the HUGE garage sale that I was involved in against my will! HA! 

Happy Weekend! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Someone said,...

"Let's have a huge garage sale together."

I fought tooth and nail and LOST!

Saturday is the day. My mom, and 2 BFF's are renting a community center and getting rid of our junk. Right now, my house looks like a piece of JUNK!

Maybe I will post next week, something of importance.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I love right now....

I got a sample of this perfume and I. LOVE. IT.
It is on my list!

I just love football! I do enjoy the game, itself, but I enjoy all that goes with football the most!
The sounds, the smells, the cheering!

I am loving that paisley 'stuff' is coming back!
It's everywhere! I saw a shirt the other day that was
the most beautiful paisley and colors. But, it was way too much money!
So, I am going to just watch it and see if it goes on sale! 

I love a good salad lately. I have been getting fresh salad things each week
and eating good salads a few days a week for lunch.
I love Fall but I am sad that summer is over b/c my parents had a little
garden and we enjoyed the fruits of their labor!
YUMMY fresh tomatoes on my salad! 

I love my candles! I do not have this particular one but I got a
mulled cider candle from Wal Mart and I. LOVE. IT!
My home smells so good!

(images borrowed from google images)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oops, He Did it Again!

Back in 2nd grade Campbell was at my parents house and took a dive over the couch. It was beautiful! He loved the feeling of flying through the air! Then he felt it! The pain, the pain! Oh the pain!

He hit his foot pretty hard on the floor! He sure stuck the landing! He stuck it hard! But I told him to get over it! He limped for a few days so we decided to get it x-rayed. Well, the boy had a broken foot! SIGH!

Fast forward to Wednesday, September 29, 2010.  When i picked Cam up at school, he limped to the car. But he was happy. He said he was involved in a great tackle at recess. A boy landed on his foot and it bent unnaturally. "It hurts Mom!"  I told him he would be fine. After all, there was no swelling or bruising!

He limped all over church. He even ran on his toes. His Dad and I observed from a distance. He was fine!

Thursday morning he cried but still no swelling of bruising. Dad said, "You'll be fine." I started second guessing myself.

I prayed during car line asking God for wisdom. Well, Campbell had tears in his eyes when he got in the car and his foot was SWOLLEN! Thank You, God! I prayed and He showed me what to do!

Off to get the foot x-rayed! WOW! It was broken and broken good! He has a really nice looking V chipped out of his foot. It is really impressive!

I just cannot believe it! I lost the MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD again this year! SIGH! I'll try harder next year! In the mean time, 6 weeks of THE BOOT! We go back in 3 weeks to make sure that the V is building bone. If not, we will, "talk different options".  But, i think it will be just fine! : )

Monday, September 27, 2010

*FLASH BACK* Summer 2010 ~ Crazy Campbell

Campbell and Tatum had some friends over one afternoon. they decided to play hide and seek.  Campbell quickly ran to the dryer. I had to snap a picture and this is probably one of my most favorite pictures of Campbell! It makes me laugh every time I see it!

I hope you enjoy it too!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

PCS Homecoming week..... is DONE!

Wow! What a week! PCS homecoming week was fun but we are glad that it is over! Or I am glad that it is over! 

Everyday was FUN! Each day the kids had an option to dress up. Tatum's main focus was what he was going to wear! Again, fun times but keeping a teen boy  on school work task was TOUGH! 

I didn't get a picture this day. Tatum wore a USM jersey.  

Tuesday: NERD/PREP day!


Thursday: CHARACTER day!

Friday: SPIRIT day!
I missed this picture, as well. Tatum was in all blue and painted his face! 

We enjoyed the Homecoming parade on Wednesday and The pep rally on Friday! Lee was out at the school every day taking pictures for the school. Lee said that the school was like a stirred up ant bed. I remember the excitement in my high school days! 

On top of all of this fun, the class/homework still existed. It was TOUGH to get my teen boy to focus on working amidst the fun. 

Friday night was, of course, the big game. 
Lee took lots of pictures!

We saw lots of sweet friends! 
Here is another sweet and cute friend! 
Lee took lots more pictures!
We saw lots of "old" friends!
The Cheerleaders had to do lots of push-ups. PCS won 42-0.
Lee and Tatum and some more of Lee's helpers captured Homecoming half time .
And, here is my good looking 7th grader!

All in all, it was a fun, busy week! But now we are getting ready to settle into a calm week..... we hope! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

*FLASHBACK* Dress Up Fun!

Years ago, Darcie gave Tatum a box of dress up clothes. We have added to those dress up clothes over the years. In turn we have lots! It has been fun watching the boys (& friends) dress up as ALL SORTS of characters. At age 10, Campbell still enjoys dressing up... but in wacky, wild styles now!

Case in point:
Slash meets nerd?!
(i love nerds! don't hate.)
If i remember correctly, there was some serious "jamming" going on! 
   Sadly, i see that the dress up times are fewer and further between.  I hope that we can squeeze a few more dress up days in before they are replaced with dressing up to go "out"! 

Did I just say that, seriously? 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blessed to be a part of this adventure!

We have a friend, from college that we just love. Her name is Melissa. Melissa made a HUGE decision 3+ years ago. She decided to adopt a little girl from China. Melissa is not married and decided that she wanted to have a child.... she prayed about it and acted on it after God confirmed to her that YES, indeed, this is what I want you to do! 

It was a LONG 3+ years. I felt it so I KNOW she felt every minute of it. 

Well, the wait is over and Addison has been home with Melissa for 1 week. As I typed that sentence, a lump formed in my throat. A lump that I seem to get every time I really think about how God carried Melissa through this adventure. As Melissa shared details over the years while walking through the grueling process, the Lord was so apparent in each step. He was in the small details and big details. He was just there! 

Melissa has a blog HERE. This is the blog that she used while they traveled. Myself and LOTS of other people clicked on every morning just craving some info from a world away!  

On to the here and now..... the boys and I went to Melissa & Addison's house today! Oh, yeah, I am in love! Addison is, of course, having to learn a lot of trust. Melissa needs to be her main caregiver so the bond can grow deeper and deeper. So, I did not reach out and grab Addison, or really even asked Addison to come to me. It was TOUGH but I know it is really important. Addison did sort of come to me and sit on my lap for about 10 seconds and I. LOVED. IT. 

She did however, LOVE Tatum.  I think that he loved it just as much as she did! 

We were able to be at the airport when they arrived home last week and it was great. But today was WONDERFUL! We are looking forward to LOTS of time with Addison. I told Melissa that I am so blessed to be a part of Addison's life. I pray that we can build a strong relationship! 
Really, how could you not fall in love immediately?
She was being so silly! 
Look how precious!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I am going to blog! AGAIN!

Ok, ok, i am going to try! 

I really began to blog a few years ago be able to remember, well... our memories. I had tried to scrapbook and failed, MISERABLY! I am on the computer a lot so I began to blog. 

Then life got CRAZY! And I fell off of the blog wagon. 

I am going to try it again! I want to have our memories written out somewhere and the computer just makes the most sense to me! 

So, welcome to "Those Crazy Cave Kids" blog! Let's see what happens!